About Duchefa Biochemie

DUCHEFA Biochemie B.V. was founded in 1989 as a sister company of our first company, DUCHEFA Farma B.V., which has been selling pharmaceutical raw materials, chemicals and additives to dispensing pharmacists, hospitals and wholesalers, since 1968. These products are used for the preparation of medicines for human use, so therefore the quality level maintained by our company meets the current (GMP) standards. Sensitive to the wishes of a growing population of customers, DUCHEFA started to attract customers from other, non-pharmaceutical based markets.

Because of this, the foundation of DUCHEFA Biochemie B.V. was a logical step in developing our business to new levels, and a special supply program for in vitro plant tissue and cell culture laboratories was set up. As it was founded in a country with a long-standing history in agriculture and floriculture as well as international trade, it goes without saying that DUCHEFA Biochemie B.V. specialises in chemicals and media used in plant biotechnology. Now, some decades later, these and many new products find a world-wide application and are used in leading institutes within universities, as well as plant cell- and tissue laboratories alike.

Our product range is mainly composed of media, growth regulators, antibiotics, gelling agents, substrates, and chemicals for plant molecular biology and seed health testing. Today's general catalogue is comprised of more than 180 full-colour pages in which over 400 products used in plant biotechnology are presented. These pages are livened with some 100 full-colour pictures, provided with kind permission by customers from all over the world, among who you will recognise many renowned laboratories.

As of 2004, a product range focusing on phytopathological usage was added, comprised of more than 20 media for testing pathogens on seeds of various crops. They are presented in our catalogue in the same manner as all our other products.

DUCHEFA Biochemie B.V. is located in The Netherlands in the city of Haarlem, between Amsterdam and the North Sea Coast. Located in the proximity of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and major railroads and highways, DUCHEFA Biochemie B.V. is in an excellent position for shipment of its products all over the world. To meet all specific rules and regulations involved in the transportation of the kind of products we are currently selling, for example goods qualified as "Dangerous Goods" our staff receives special training at fixed intervals.

Despite very stringent safety requirements and quality standards, a competitive price level, customer service and flexibility of business operations form the DUCHEFA Biochemie hallmark. Try us! It will be our pleasure to serve you to the best of our ability, either directly, or through our vast network of distributors around the world. Should you have any specific questions concerning the use, treatment or quality of our products, just contact us through (this link), or call our customer service at +31 (0)23 531 90 93. Due to a combination of biochemical, microbiological as well as pharmaceutical knowledge present within our company, we are confident to be able to give you a satisfying answer. We greatly appreciate any opportunity you may find where we can be of service to you. In doing so, it is our company policy to endeavour for the best and seize every opportunity to find an optimal situation.

Thank you for your valued attention and for taking the time to read this page.

DUCHEFA Biochemie B.V.

C.M. Teves

General Manager